Featuring the Photography of LIFE Magazine

Music and Sound Design by Robert Miles


The Turn of THIS Century© is a 50-minute, entertainment driven journey through some of the big events that shaped the world over the 20th and 21st Centuries. The film is made entirely with still photography. It features the iconic photography from the preeminent photo documentarian of our times LIFE Magazinelike you’ve never seen it before – and original music and sound design by internationally acclaimed composer/producer Robert Miles.

The Turn of THIS Century goes back in time to look ahead. As the world community connects in more ways than ever, the film connects the past to the present with a view toward the future, as what many believe to be the most dramatic period of change in human history continues.

Familiar names and faces like Mohandas Gandhi, Muhammad Ali, JFK, Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon and Nelson Mandela are there alongside the suffragettes, civil rights and anti-war activists. Advocates for the environment, nuclear disarmament and gay rights stand with Booker T. Washington, Coco Chanel and the lone man facing the tanks at Tiananmen Square. Also there are the pioneers, explorers and innovations that gave us new ways to look at the planet and beyond; the Wright Brothers, Albert Einstein, Louis Bleriot, Roald Amundsen, Charles Lindberg, Amelia Earhart, the first men in space and on the moon — Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong — the Space Shuttle astronauts, photography, radio, television, and the Internet. Of course the story wouldn’t be complete without going through the big conflicts as well, most of them almost unimaginable except for the photographic record.

The Turn of THIS Century gives viewers a new opportunity to connect with some of the most compelling people, events and photographs of recent times. While it has its ideas of what the most compelling changes have been, going forward, what is most important — is what you think.

We invite you to help others discover The Turn of THIS Century. You will love the results.

The Turn Of THIS Century was made to give some of the most compelling images ever taken, a modern opportunity to share their stories in a way that might also connect to some of what is happening in the world today, and possibly even tomorrow.

Considering that just over a hundred years or so ago, people were largely divided and had little opportunity to learn about the world or influence what was happening, the evolution to the world of today is quite a remarkable story.

Many will know the general story line: technology advances, population rises, conflicts and challenges continue, people explore new frontiers, and many take on seemingly insurmountable struggles to change long-standing and often entrenched perspectives and ideologies of their times to move forward.

Of course the story doesn’t stop.

Looking both backward and forward, it seems that some of the practices, perspectives and ideologies that led to many of the conflicts and struggles of the past still exist, and people continue to face new challenges all the time. Yet, an encouraging sign is seeing the world community connect, using modern tools of communication and some of the same non-violent principles and perspectives that led to many of the positive social changes of recent history, in the face of potentially world shaping events today.

Appreciating the ways of the world are big concepts and subject to wide opinion, I hope the film provides viewers with a unique and entertaining experience through some of the significant events of recent history, and that it connects with some of the efforts and ideals of some of the people who inspired it. The “idealists” and “dreamers” who expanded perspectives and inspired new ways of thinking, often empowering many others to participate in taking on the challenges of their times to create more ways to better share our common home.

- Peter Beyak

R obert Miles born Roberto Concina) is a Swiss-born Italian record producer, composer, musician and DJ working in electronica and alternative music.

He began his musical journey playing classical piano, and then creating alternative and electronic music while still in his teens, working in clubs and pirate radio stations in Europe.

He wrote his first major single Children in one night after seeing some photographs his Father had taken of young people affected by war in ex-Yugoslavia. Children occupied the Euro Top 100 chart number 1 spot for 13 consecutive weeks in 1997 and sold over 5 million copies worldwide. The single became part of Robert’s debut album, Dreamland, which received huge popular acclaim worldwide.

Robert has sold over 14 million records and received many accolades for his work including a Brit Award and a World Music Award. His compositions have been featured in various popular films including; The Bourne Identity, Derrida and City of Ghosts. He has now released 5 albums including his most recent album Thirteen in 2011. Some of his work from Thirteen is in the soundtrack of The Turn Of This Century.

He lives between London and Ibiza where he creates and releases music on his own record label S:alt Records, as well as DJing throughout the world.

Currently he is also launching OpenLab, an ambitious radio and digital platform dedicated to the best of the new, in music, art and technology.

Robert’s career marks him out as a musician singularly able to create and convey emotions through his music.

For more information on Robert and his music please visit: www.saltrecords.com.

Like a lots of things that have been around for a few generations, its hard to imagine a time when LIFE Magazine didn’t exist. But before its inception, there was simply nothing like it. Up to then, published photos had been posed and static. But in the early thirties a marvellously portable 35mm camera was developed that could take pictures of almost anything under the sun, and Henry R. Luce and his colleagues at Time Inc. made plans to use it for an entirely new publishing venture. Their project, shrouded in secrecy, emerged full-blown in November 1936, and journalism was forever changed.

LIFE created the photo-essay. It published many of the iconic photographs of the 20th Century and became an American institution. It is impossible to think of any other magazine that had such an extraordinary impact. LIFE Magazine brought the world home to readers in a way they had never seen or experienced before. “Experienced” is a crucial word. A great picture is not merely seen – it demands an emotional response. LIFE created such responses countless times for millions of readers-and continues to do so to this day.

(Excerpt from www.life.com, Time Inc.)

The Turn of THIS Century features the photography of LIFE Magazine. It also includes images from the archives of Getty Images – one of the leaders I digital imagery worldwide. The Producers of The Turn of THIS Century wish to thank LIFE Magazine for the use of their photography. LIFE Magazine did not participate in the production of this film, is not affiliated with the Producers of the film and does not endorse or authorize its editorial content.


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